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On March 2nd 1947, the Baptist church was called into a short conference after morning services by pastor.  Brother Logan leading opening prayer, after which the conference was turned over to Dan Ashford, Chairman of the Deacons.

1st–Four letters were called for and granted.

2nd– Mrs. Hughes from Mr. George Shellman place had been sent, as a committee of one, to the deacons of Lambert Baptist Church asking for a donation of $125.00 for a Mission Church at Clear Creek, to which Mr. George Shellman had given one acre of land.  Dan put this before the church, after which a motion was made and seconded to give said amount.  Motion carried.  Mr. Williams was asked to give a check.

Respectfully submitted

Mrs. J. D. Stone, Church Clerk


The regular monthly business meeting of the First Baptist Church meet August 4th 1957.  The meeting was opened with prayer by Dan Ashford.  Dan Ashford presented to the church the request of the Riverside Association for a gift of $200.00 to help build rural churches in the Association.  The Deacon recommended we grant them this gift, which can be paid over a period of 3 years. Mrs. Stone made the motion we give them the $200.00 to be paid in 3 years.  The motion was seconded by R. H. Schiele.  The motion carried.

Next order of business was the treasurer report given for June and July.  Approved as read.

Being no further business we were dismissed with prayer by Ed Ellis.


The regular business meeting of the First Baptist Church met September 8, 1957. The meeting was opened with prayer by Dan Ashford.  First order of business was reading of the minutes by the clerk.  Then the treasurer’s report being approved as appeared in the bulletin.

Bro. Mayer explained the need for the Clear Creek Mission after which Mr. John S. Allen, Jr. motioned that First Baptist Church of Lambert approve a proposal coming from Riverside Baptist Association, that Clear Creek Mission be accepted as a direct mission of the First Baptist Church.  That we support the ministry of Clear Creek in it’s financial program by giving an amount not to exceed $25.00 per month and that whatever amount given Clear Creek each month be deducted from our contribution to the Riverside Baptist Association Mission Program.  This program to remain in effect until Clear Creek can become self-supporting.  The motion received a second by Mrs. Stone and was approved.  Being no further business we were dismissed with prayer by Mr. J. D. Dodson.

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