Honoring Robert Jamison

First Colored Senator and Representatives

Honorable Bennie G. Thompson

of Mississippi

in the House of Representatives

Friday, February 28, 2014

Mr. Thompson of Mississippi.  Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Mr. Robert Jamison.

Robert Jamison was born in Quitman County in 1954.  He was a student in the Quitman County School System.  In 1968, he was among the first blacks to integrate schools in Quitman County, Mississippi.

Mr. Jamison also marched with Dr. Martin Luther King.  He helped with changing the “Old Stacked Voter System to the Ward Voting System”, in order for blacks to have equal representation when voting.  He worked as a Social Service Director at Quitman County Development Organization.  He also served on numerous boards such as: North MS Legal Service, Housing Authority’s, Deporres Health Center, and Selective Service System.

Mr. Jamison is a Quitman County Veteran Service Officer and is a founder of a non-profit organization, North Delta Youth Development Center.

Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing Mr. Robert Jamison for his dedication in being a part of the history making in Quitman County, Mississippi.

To read this article in the Congressional Record, click here.

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The Senators and Representatives in this picture are Hiram Revels (R), Mississippi, Benjamin Turner (R), Alabama, Robert DeLarge (R), South Carolina, Josiah Walls (R), Florida, Jefferson Long (R), Georgia, Joseph Rainey (R), South Carolina, and Robert B. Elliott (R), South Carolina.

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