Giordana Pellonari

Utrecht. 21-05-2002. Achtiende Eeuwse Orkest olv dirigent Frans BrŸggen in MC Vredenburg. Foto: Vincent Boon © Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, May 21 2002, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Photo by : Vincent Boon © +31651390766

Giordana Pellonari was a 20 year old waiter in an Italian Restaurant when he was discovered by Morgan L. Eastman, conductor of the Edison Symphony Orchestra.  Pellonari, a tenor with no voice training, was introduced in 1919 at the Edison Smyphony Orchestra.  His performance of “La Donna a mobile” from “Rigoletto” and three Neapolitan folk-songs was such a sensation that he was called back for several encores.  Pellonari also teaches music.  Pellonari sang at the annual banquet of the Lumbermen’s Club of Memphis on Friday, November 14, 1913.

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Orchestra of the 18th Century, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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