Confederate Pension Applications filed in Quitman County

Name Application Date Service Unit
Adams, C. D. 1903 1st Missouri Calvary
Alcorn, Andrew 1913 1st Infantry
Alvis, Mrs. James P. (husband,
James Peyton Alvis)
1923 1st Mississippi
Bagwell, W. C. 1914 4th Mississippi Infantry
Baird, T. F. 1907 10th Kentucky Regiment
Barham, Nicholas S.  1900 11th Mississippi
Barham, Rachel Ellen (husband,
William Harvey Barham)
1924 16th Tennessee Calvary
Boen, Martin 1916 1st Tennessee
Burleyson, J. J. 1916 Ward’s Battalion Artillery
Chastain, R. B. 1922 9th Kentucky Infantry
Cooper, J. H. 1902 14th Mississippi, Loring Division
Davis, J. T. 1914 2nd Mississippi
Dowdy, Thomas Benjamin 1908 22nd Mississippi
Edmondson, Nancy E. (husband,
William A. Edmondson)
1924 and 1929 served under Capt. Adwell Johnson
Elliott, Mary E. (husband,
Thomas W. Elliott)
1937 J. Davis Calvary
Flood, Ned 1920 servant under the command of Capt. Felix Flood
Fox, Turner* 1930 milling corn under the command of Gen. Fippins and Dr. Fox
Gant, William 1916 9th Mississippi
Giles, R. L. 1924 under the command of W. B. Johnson, Cpt. and W. E. Thomas, 1st Lieut.
Golden, China 1925 camp attendant under the command of Bob and Joe Golden
Hatch, Clay 1931 hostler
Herald, Samantha E. (husband,
William U. Herald)
1930 45th Mississippi
Holt, John T. 1912 Blythe’s Company
Howze, Emma (husband, H. L. Howze, Sr.) 1925 under the command of Col. J. M. Simonton and Capt. J. J. Milam
Ingram, James A. 1932 under the command of Capt. Frank Quarles
Ingram, M. E. (husband, W. J. Ingram) 1916, 1924 and 1926 Forrest’s Cavalry
Jamison, Alfred Harrison 1922 Missouri
Jamison, Etta (husband, Alfred Harrison Jamison) 1926 under the command of Col. Brown and Capt. Cunningham
Madison, James M. 1900 Tennessee Infantry
Manuel, Stephen 1922 servant under the command of Capt. John Guthrie
Mehan, Andrew James 1st Arkansas Artillery
Mosely, Gilbert 1920 17th Mississippi
Neal, John E. 1916 29th Mississippi
Orr, A. T. 1916 Ashley’s Co. under the command of Capt. Ashley and Gen. Armstrong
Partee, Sr., Charles W. 1925 12th Mississippi Infantry
Pate, S. E. (husband, Washington Pate) 1908 Alabama Infantry, Co. A, Patterson’s Regiment
Patterson, Jesse 1932 servant under the command of Frank Weldon, Bulgar
Pearson, Sallie J. (husband,
George W. Pearson)
1900 and 1916 24th Mississippi
Perkins, William J. 1906 48th Mississippi
Phillips, Lucas (husband, Peter
1916 Deason’s Battery
Phipps, William D. 1916 Capt. Bowie’s Scouts
Riddick, Alex 1916 15th Mississippi Infantry
Roland, Sarah Elizabeth
(husband, Lewis Alexander Roland)
1916 and 1924 15th Mississippi
Rowe, Mollie A. (husband, Edward
Rowland, Sarah E. (husband,
Louis A. Rowland)
1928 under the command of Capt. Bill Witty and Gen. Bragg
Rusk, Thomas J. 1906 20th Georgia
Scallorn, Francis P. (husband,
Thomas Benton Scallorn)
1924 under the command of Col. George Regiment, Capt. Hill and Forrest
Sheffield, D. G. 1917 55th Georgia
Smith, Henderson 1924 dept. teamster
Smith, Nathan Alexander 1920 2nd Regiment Texas Mounted Rifles
Stokes, John 1916 18th Mississippi Cavalry
Stone, Mary Brooks Megginson
(husband, Samuel Caloway Stone)
1942 Infantry
Tucker, Lola V. (husband, Robert
1932 3rd Cavalry
Wade, Frank 1925 1st Kentucky
Wallace, J. S. 1917 2nd Mississippi
Webster, Mollie Mehan (husband,
Alonzo Wellington Bush)
1928 under the command of Capt. Berry
White, M. P. (husband, G. F.
1916 and 1924 5th Mississippi
Harris, Ellison, alias Ellison Wilson 1930 under the command of Charlie Harris
Winborn, Mary (husband, Pugh
Houston Winborn)
1921 34th Mississippi
Wright, Simeon 1903 3rd Mississippi Infantry
Youngblood, A. W. 1905 31st Mississippi

*More about Turner Fox can be found in the chapter entitled, “Wars“.

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