Marriages 1885-1887


1885–Volume 00–White

Marriage Bond Issued Principal
Groom Bride Date of Marriage Rites of Matrimony Celebrated By
14 March 1885 A. V. Beadlers
J. J. Blackmon
Beadles, A. V. Perry, Ann Eliza 15 March 1885 J. R. Turner, Supervisor
5 February 1885 John Beeson
H. L. Green
Beeson, John Hardin, Fannie 8 February 1885 J. R. Jamison, Supervisor
25 May 1885 J. H. Bell
J. F. Phipps
Bell, J. H. Davis, M. E. 28 May 1885 Rev. B. B. Milam
4 March 1885 Martin Conley
J. D. Sartin
J. D. Acklin
Conley, Martin Shivers, Alice 12 March 1885 R. Shotwell, Supervisors, Beat 4
28 November 1885 J. W. Desmond
F. M. Hamblett
Desmond, J. W. Montroy, Ruthie 29 November 1885 N. R. Hamm
30 October 1885 J. R. Miller
G. F. Dickey
Miller, J. R. Stiffes, F. B. 13 November 1885 W. G. Shotwell, Justice of the
5 August 1885 Eugene Lambert
J. T. Gleeson
Lambert, Eugene Teague, Mrs. Jane E. 6 August 1885 Rev. B. B. Milam
12 February 1885 Nute O’Brien
J. W. Luther
James Madison
O’Brien, Nate Patterson, Elen 15 February 1885 Noel R. Hamm
13 May 1885 Benjamin Posey
H. C. Green
Posey, Benjamin Posey, LuElla 14 May 1885 J. R. Turner, Supervisor
28 March 1885 J. D. Posey
J. J. Blackmon
Posey, J. D. Miller, Hannah Elizabeth 28 March 1885 J. R. Turner, Supervisor
12 February 1885 J. H. Posey
F. M. Hamblett
Posey, J. H. Fulgham, LuElla 15 February 1885 Noel R. Hamm


1885–Volume 0–Colored


Marriage Bond Issued Principal
Groom Bride Date of Marriage Rites of Matrimony Celebrated By
18 April 1885 Jap Alston
Wallace Tucker
Alston, Jap Armer, Ann 18 April 1885 Clay Hatch
1 June 1885 Phillip Alston
J. J. Blackmon
Alston, Phillip Smalls, Marthia 7 June 1885 Rev. A. T. Turner
2 March 1885 Richard Barron
Mack Barron
Barron, Richard McQuarter, Juliaau
16 April 1885 Ben Burleyson
Clay Hatch
Burleyson, Ben Phipps, Antonett 16 April 1885 Clay Hatch, Supervisor
25 July 1885 Joe Chambers
Bosen Hill
Chambers, Joseph Luster, Maggie 26 July 1885 Levy Pickle
11 April 1885 W. A. Collins
Franklin Halkins
Collins, W. A. Hodges, Henreta 12 April 1885 J. N. Chambers, Minister
21 January 1885 Henry Hardy
King Powell
Hardy, Henry Balentine, Racheal 21 January 1885 Clay Hatch
7 February 1885 Clay Hatch
Levy Pickle
Hatch, Clay Turner, Jane 7 February 1885 Levy Pickle
26 December 1885 Silas Higgins
J. R. Turner
Higgins, Silas Gilespie, Delta Ann
3 November 1885 Jim Johnston
Anthony Dubard
Johnston, Jim Rattler, Mary 3 November 1885 Rev. J. A. Harris, Pastor
20 December 1885 Cicero Mitchell
H. C. Hudson
Mitchell, Cicero Mitchell, Emma 20 December 1885 Clay Hatch, Supervisor
18 February 1885 Ellis H. Oliver
F. M. Hamblett
Oliver, Ellis H. Bond, Maggie 22 February 1885 Elder B. B. Milan
20 October 1885 Robert Robertson
H. C. Hudson
Roberson, Robert Fletcher, Winnie 21 October 1885 Clay Hatch, Supervisor
3 September 1885 Isham Ross
J. V. Cook
Ross, Isham Yates, Sarah 3 September 1885 Clay Hatch
31 August 1885 Matt Shaw
H. C. Green
Shaw, Matt Simms, Lucy 31 August 1885 H. W. Morgan, Justice of the
19 November 1885 Perry Snyder
F. H. Hamblett
Snyder, Perry Wiggins, Mary 19 November 1885 Rev. James Chambers
19 February 1885 Wash Spearman
J. J. Blackmon
Spearman, Wash Perkins, Harriett 19 February 1885 Levy Pickle
5 August 1885 Alford Turner
J. D. Andrews
Turner, Alford Dubard, Mrs. Polly 6 August 1885 James Chambers, Minister
3 November 1885 Toby Webb
Antony DuBard
Webb, Toby Moman, Rhodie 3 November 1885 Rev. J. A. Harris
11 June 1885 Henry Williams
F. M. Hamblett
Williams, Henry Jackson, Ibie


1886–Volume 00–White


Marriage Bond Issued Principal
Groom Bride Date of Marriage Rites of Matrimony Celebrated By
9 April 1886 Charles B. Bailey
Charles Chrisman
Bailey, Charles B. Lovitt, Ada 11 April 1886 O. H. Dean, Justice of the Peace
22 November 1886 N. S. Barham
J. D. Andrews
Barham, N. S. Jarrette, N. S. 22 November 1886 O. H. Dean, Justice of the Peace
9 October 1886 I. J. Brougher
J. J. Blackmon
Brougher, I. J. Scott, Alice 12 October 1886 O. H. Dean, Justice of the Peace
1 March 1886 C. W. Bryson
W. H. Edwards
Bryson, C. W. Page, C. F. 14 March 1886 W. N. Edwards, Justice of the
19 February 1886 A. W. Bush
R. Shotwell
Bush, A. W. Meahan, Mary 6 March 1886 R. Shotwell
31 August 1886 Robert Duke
J. J. Blackmon
Duke, Robert Mayes, Johanna 2 September 1886 Clay Hatch
28 December 1886 H. C. Green
J. A. Reid
L. Marks
J. D. Andrews
Green, H. C. Burleyson, Emma 28 December 1886 J. W. Dorman
3 November 1886 W. W. Hollingsworth
J. D. Anderson
Hollingsworth W. W. Perry, Mrs. Spicey 4 November 1886 O. H. Dean, Justice of the Peace
18 August 1886 Aaron Jones
C. C. Evans
Jones, Aaron Hudson, Cilla 22 August 1886 William Clay Hatch, Supervisor
9 July 1886 G. W. R. Leopard
L. Marks
Leopard, G. W. R. Morgan, Mrs. L. M. 11 July 1886 O. H. Dean, Justice of the Peace
1 March 1886 F. M. Miller
W. A. Greenlee
Miller, F. M. Lewelling, Lizzie 10 March 1886 R. Shotwell
19 January 1886 Stephen Miller
S. L. Greenlea
Gil Greenlea
Miller, Stephen Green, Mrs. Eliza 2 February 1886 Ruben Shotwell, Supervisor, Beat
27 January 1886 Joe Moody
W. N. Edwards
Moody, Joe Burnett, Mrs. N. L. 28 January 1886 W. H. Edwards, Justice of the
24 February 1886 J. R. Patterson
W. R. Patterson
Patterson, J. R. Spencer, Alice I. 25 February 1886 Noel R. Hamm
13 December 1886 C. C. Rogers
L. Marks
Rogers, C. C. Johnston, Emma 13 December 1886 R. Shotwell
21 January 1886 Charles Ward
R. Shotwell
Ward, Charles Stacy, P. J. 17 February 1886 R. Shotwell


1886–Volume 0–Colored


Marriage Bond Issued Principal
Groom Bride Date of Marriage Rites of Matrimony Celebrated By
4 October 1886 Charley Brown
Andrew Davis
Brown, Charley Harris, Elmira 4 October 1886 Franklin Hawkins
1 September 1886 William Davis
Sylas Huggins
Davis, William Simpson, Fannie
8 September 1886 Jordan Harris
George Petty
Harris, Jordan Petty, Laura
17 December 1886 Henry Jackson
J. J. Blackmon
Jackson, Henry Jones, Rosie 29 December 1886 Elder T. Clinton
16 September 1886 John Jackson
Sam Webb
Jackson, John Bankhead, Victoria 18 September 1886 J. A. Harris, Minister
20 February 1886 John H. Jones
Dock A. Black
Jones, John N. Crawford, Ida 2 March 1886 Elder B. B. Milam
22 December 1886 Lee Lester
W. T. Jamison
Lester, Lee Bivins, Metlena 27 Decmeber 1886 George Beasley, Supervisor
10 February 1886 Henry Ore
H. C. Green
Ore, Henry Dyson, Polly 11 February 1886 Rev. Thomas Clausen, Minister
5 August 1886 King Parnell
John Smith
Parnell, King Booksell, Encie (smudged) (smudged)
24 June 1886 Page Polk
J. D. Watson
Polk, Page Dogette, Mrs. Bettie 27 June 1886 O. H. Dean, Justice of the Peaced
15 June 1886 Jerre Seales
H. C. Green
Seales, Jerre Brown, Nancy
23 September 1886 Luke Smith
J. J. Blackmon
Smith, Luke Westbrooks, Eda
23 June 1886 James Staton Staton, James Gladney, Indianna 5 July 1886 Clay Hatch, Supervisor
16 November 1886 J.J. Veach
S. W. Barone
Veach, J. J. Strong, Mary E. 17 November 1886 O. H. Dean, Justice of the Peace


1887–Volume 00–White


Marriage Bond Issued Principal
Groom Bride Date of Marriage Rites of Matrimony Celebrated By
10 February 1887 A. C. Dodson
J. D. Andrews
Dodson, A. C. Spears, Elizabeth 10 February 1887 Samuel C. Stone, Minister
27 March 1887 O. J. Hartley
H. S. Stanley
Hartley, O. J. Phipps, Susie H. 29 May 1887 O. H. Dean
1 September 1887 John Johnson
Hamblett, F. M.
Johnson, John Metcalf, Mary 1 September 1887 J. A. Harris, Minister
6 September 1887 S. S. Ogle
L. Marks
Ogle, S. S. Weaver, F. M. 11 September 1887 Sep R. Nickens, Justice of the
1 September 1887 Squire Smith
F. M. Hamblett
Smith, Squire Walls, Matilda
20 December 1887 J. N. Stiffis
J. D. Andrews
Stiffis, J. N. Mullins, Maggie 21 December 1887 R. Shotwell
25 January 1887 H. S. Stanley
J. F. Phipps
H. S. Stanley Tullis, Mrs. Leola 27 January 1887 O. H. Dean


1887–Volume 0–Colored


Marriage Bond Issued Principal
Groom Bride Date of Marriage Rites of Matrimony Celebrated By
28 May 1887 Peter Alston
F. M. Hamblett
Alston, Peter Whitfield, Moriah 28 May 1887 Clay Hatch
22 July 1887 Stewart Brown
B. G. Boothe
Brown, Stewart Eskridge, Ellie 22 July 1887 Rev. Alford Turner
21 January 1887 Richard Buford
L. Marks
Buford, Richard Lester, Henrietta 21 January 1887 George Beasley, Supervisor
8 December 1887 Robert Coppage
H. C. Hudson
Coppage, Robert Boon, Alice 8 December 1887 Levy Pickle, Minister
29 Decmeber 1887 Jessie Cunningham
G. C. Jones
Cunningham, Jessie Carlisle, Malissia 29 December 1887 Levy Pickle
28 February 1887 Andrew Davis
Charles Chrisman
Davis, Andrew Gates, Leanna 19 June 1887 Clay Hatch
7 July 1887 William Davis
Wallace Tucker
Davis, William Hicks, Mary 9 July 1887 Rev. Levy Pickle
21 May 1887 Horace Douglas
G. C. Jones
Douglas, Horace Pennington,
21 May 1887 O. H. Dean
25 August 1887 Alford Turner
John DuBard
DuBard, John Hatch, Lizzie
14 February 1887 Monroe Gates
J. J. Blackmon
Gates, Monroe Earley, Bettie 15 February 1887 Clay Hatch, Supervisor
19 November 1887 T. J. Hembree
Reese Bailey
Hembree, T. J. Watson, Willie A. 20 November 1887 R. Shotwell, Supervisor
13 January 1887 Pate Hemmingway
W. V. Turner
Hemmingway, Pate Wiggins, Bettie 20 January 1887 Rev. Alford Turner
19 September 1887 Mike Henry
G. C. Jones
Henry, Mike Oliver, Mrs. Mary
16 July 1887 Rufus Jamison
W. Scott Mullens
Jamison, Rufus Williams, Annie 17 July 1887 Rev. Levy Pickle
19 March 1887 Willie Johnson
J. D. Andrews
Johnson, Willie Johnson, Addie 20 March 1887 George Beasley
25 Decemeber 1887 William McCaullaugh
G. C. Jones
McCaullaugh, William Mannel, Lisa December 1888* Levy Pickle, Minister
15 February 1887 John Mitchell
W. V. Turner
Mitchell, John DuBard, Clara 19 February 1887 George Beasley, Supervisor
21 May 1887 Ed Perry
J. D. Andrews
Perry, Ed Killebrew, Corah 22 May 1887 Rev. J. B. English
6 October 1887 Jack Sargent
Esom Wilson
Sargent, Jack Petty, Mandy
26 February 1887 Louis Sims
W. C. Cooper by Dave Roberson
Sims, Louis Friarson, Mary Jane
9 February 1887 Thomas Sims
G. C. Jones
Sims, Thomas Williams, Mary 9 February 1887 Levy Pickle, Minister
28 July 1887 Jiles C. Smith
J. L. Scurs
Smith, J. C. Chambers, Annie
3 March 1887 Peter Thompson
I. W. Hoskins
Thompson, Peter Lee, Vinnie 3 March 18847 O. H. Dean, J. P.
11 September 1887 William Thompson
James Adams
Thompson, William Brooks, Amanda
30 November 1887 Phill Wilson
A. J. Freeman
Wilson, Phill Kelly, Henrietta

*  There is no day written.

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