Bible Records of Family of Mrs. Roger F. Morgan

(Wilburne Family bible now in possession of Mrs. Roger P. Morgan.)


Mary Wilbourn was born in the year of Our Lord 1775 and departed this life on the 7th day of October 1857.


Elijah Wilbourn born 4th of March 1810.

Eliza M. Dugan born 29th of March 1816.

Elijah Wilbourn and Eliza M. Dugan married 12th of March 1835.

John Bishop was born March 28th 1810.

Jane Wilbourne was born October 15th 1811.

John Bishop was married January 1st 1835 with Jane Wilbourne.


(Armistead Family Bible now in possession of Mrs. Roger P. Morgan.)


Isaac Coles Armistead
Nannie Killebrew were married in Panola County, Mississippi on the 24th of October, 1844.

Married on the 28th of November 1871
Henry B. Armistead to Clara, daughter of Captain Thomas F. Wilson, all of Panola City, Mississippi.

Married on the 18th December 1872
Mary Catharine Armistead to Henry Coles Armistead of Tuscumbia, Alabama.

George F. Armistead and Blanche L. Dyer, were married December 22, 1875.


Isaac Coles Armistead son of Peter Fontaine and Martha Henry Armistedd was born Culpeper County, State of Virginia, September 1, 1817.

Nannie Killebrew, daughter of William and Mary Jane R. Killebrew was born in Montgomery County, Tennessee, August 1st, 1824.

Bowles Armistead son of I. C. and N. Armistead was born July 22, 1846, Panola County, Mississippi.

Henry Barry Armistead was born August 17th 1848 Panola County, Mississippi.

George Fontaine Armistead born the 29th of December Anno Domini 1850, in Panola County, Mississippi.

filigreeBible Records of Family of Mrs. Roger P. Morgan (nee Annie B. Kinchlee)

(Armistead Family Bible now in possession of Mrs. Roger P. Morgan)

Mary Catherine Armistead was born January 25th 1853 Panola County, Mississippi.

Peter Fontaine Armistead was born the 6th of December in Panola County, Mississippi 1854.

Mary Ellen Armistead was born April 23rd 1856 Panola County, Mississippi.

Jennie B. Armistead born 19th of January 1858 Panola County, Mississippi.

Nannie Armistead was born in Panola County, State of Mississippi, November 16th 1859.

Martha Winston Armistead was born in Panola County, State of Mississippi, November 6th 1861.

Coles Armistead born Novemberr 29th 1863 Panola County, Mississippi.

Coles Dyer Armistead, son of G. F. and Blanche Armistead born November 19th, 1876.

Anne B. Armistead daughter of  G. F. and Blanche Armistead was born September 12th 1878.


Peter Fontaine Armistead departed this life on the 6th of April 1855 aged 4 months.  Faith and hope.

I. Coles Armistead died March 24th 1864 in blissful hope of a blessed rest beyond the grave.

Mary Ellen Armistead died September 18th 1865.  (The Lord gave!  The Lord has taken away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.)  Aged nine years and nearly five months.

Nannie Armistead died October 12th, another of God’s gifts kindly removed from unheard of suffering, in eternal happiness.  Aged nearly six years.

Coles Armistead died November 11th after short illness of croup, making up a group of three in less than two months in the Heaven of Him who has said “Suffer little children to come unto me; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Bowles Armistead died June 6th on the threshold of a man’s career, he entered the Portals of a better world, he having chosen “that good part” the service of his Lord two years before.

H. B. Armistead died February 16th 1873.

Clara Armistead died November 28th 1872.  Aged 22 years.

Nannie Armistead died August 8th 1873.  Aged 49 years.  My help cometh from the Lord.


Cemetery and Bible Records of Quitman County, Mississippi, 1945-1951, James Gilliam Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

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