Bible Records of Family of Mrs. Lucile Talbert Lowrey, Marks, Miss.

(Hill Family Bible now in possession of Mrs. Lucile Talbert Lowrey.)

Samuel Hill born 1824, Greensboro, North Carolina, Guilford County.
Died April 8, 1896, Winona, Miss., Montgomery County
Married at Lodi, Montgomery County, Miss.

Elizabeth Witty Hill born 1839, died March 6, 1897, Winona, Miss., Montgomery County.  Married at Lodi.

Betty Boyd Hill born January 12, 1866, Lodi, Montgomery County, died February 15, 1882, Winona, Montgomery County, Mississippi.

Julia Hill Holman born March 14, 1861.  Died November 20, 1882, Montgomery County, Mississippi.

Wilson Shedrick Hill born January 19, 1863.  Died February 15, 1921, Montgomery County, Mississippi.

Mary Hill Pegues born March 29, 1864.  Died October 6, 1925, Montgomery County, Mississippi.

Matelda Hill born January 26, 1869.  Died May 18, 1940, Montgomery County.

Minnie Hill Blackston born February 10, 1872.  Died January 11, 1940, Montgomery County, Mississippi.

Sammie Elizabeth Hill born July 14, 1870.  April 13, 1928, Montgomery County, Mississippi.

Martha Hill Talbert born April 11, 1867, Montgomery County, Mississippi.

Julia Boyd Talbert Jones born September 3, 1889, Winona, Montgomery County, Mississippi.  Married Marks, Quitman County, Mississippi.

Lucile Talbert Lowrey born May 29, 1894, Hardy, Mississippi, Grenada County.  Married Winona, Montgomery County, Mississippi.

Walter Blackston Lowrey born March 8, 1924, Marks, Quitman County, Mississippi.

Mark Perrin Lowrey born May 23, 1926, Marks, Quitman County, Mississippi.


Cemetery and Bible Records of Quitman County, Mississippi, 1945-1951, James Gilliam Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

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