Bible Records of Family of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rich, Marks, Mississippi

(Rich Family Bible now in possession of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rich.)

On first page of Bible is writen:  Clinton Rich.
On back page of Bible is written Clinton Rich, Arkabutla, Mississippi.
Clinton H. Rich and Ruth Calhoun were married on February 17, 1924.
Clinton H. Rich, Jr., was born December 3, 1925.
Clinton H. Rich departed this life April 14.
Mollie Ruth Rich was born November 2.


Ira G. Allen and Mary Ellen Presley were married January 22, 1861.

Mary Asenath Allen and A. M. Rich were married February 14, 1884.

A. M. Rich and Lula Marvell were married on the 24th of April 1920.

A. M. Rich departed this life March 9, 1941.


Roswell Winfield Presley was born December 16, 1805.

Asenath (Harden) Presley was born October 5, 1807.

John Madison Presley, son of R. W. and Asenath Presley was born June 22, 1829.

Elizabeth Jane Presley was born November 8, 1833.

Mary Ellen (Presley) Allen was born September 4, 1837.

Thomas Henry Presley was born July 31, 1841.

Ira George Allen, son of I. G. and Mary E. Allen was born October 17, 1862.

Mary Asenath Allen was born October 8, 1864.

Ira George Rich was born December 15, 1884.

Infant daughter of A. M. Rich and M. A. Rich was born January 20, 1887.

Clinton Nowell Rich was born September 27, 1889.

John C. Rich was born September 3, 1893.


Mary Ellen Allen departed this life November 22, 1870.

Roswell Winfield Presley departed this life October 29, 1880.

Asenath Presley departed this life December 7, 1881.

Infant daughter of A. M. and M. A. Rich departed this life February 4, 1887.

Ira George Rich departed this life January 5, 1891.

Mary Asenath Allen Rich departed this life October 20, 1901.


John C. Rich and Lucille Roberts were married March 27, 1927.


John Witt Rich was born January 8, 1928.

Mary Bell Rich was born November 23, 1930.

Letter enclosed in Bible is as follows:
Written for John C. Rich by Arthur B. Presley — September 1947
Thomas Presley of Macklinburg County, N. C. was enlisted at the age of 14 for the Revolutionary War, but the war ended before he was called into active service.  He married Sallie Presley, no relation, but it was said their children “were related to all the Presleys.”

To Thomas and Sallie Presley were born six sons and three daughters:  Thomas, John, Jenkins, Roswell, Barney, Elias, Polly, Jennie and Susanna.  This family moved to Chester County, South Carolina, about the year 1800, “when the oldest boys were big enough to work.”  Roswell Presley, great grandfather of John C. Rich, was a captain of South Carolina Militia nine years.  He moved to Leake County, Mississippi, with his brother Barney and later to Tate County.

Copied from sheet of writing paper enclosed in same Bible —
Marshall Howell Rich borned April 1, 1823, and married to Francis E. Ford, October 24, 1844, who was borned October 1, 1825, and died September 6 (maybe 4th), 1851.

M. A. Rich was married to Delphia Ann Dobbs, June 15, 1853 who was borned August 4, 1833, and died August 25, 1850.

Savanah Rich borned October 27, 1845.

Mary Ann Rich borned September 2, 1847.

Edward C. Rich borned December 7, 1848.

Louisa V. Rich borned May 11, 1851.

Benjamin Brooks Rich borned March 18, 1854.

M. H. Rich was married to Louisa Jane McAninch August 27, 1857, who was borned April 5, 1831.

Alexander Marshall Rich, borned June 5, 1851.

Jacob Rich borned December 1, 1859.

Robert Rich borned October 15, 1864.

William Thomas Rich born February 4, 1866.

Samuel Rich borned July 24, 1870, who died the 24th day of June 1871.

George Rich borned the 10th day of October 1873.

M. H. Rich departed this life, March 10, 1877.

L. J. Rich departed this life, April 26, 1894 (not clear maybe 1874).

H. W. Rich departed this life, December 12, 1904.

Robert Rich died November 29, 1913.

M. C. Leonard died January 8, 1914.

_______ Rich died March or April 1942.

On loose sheets from a larger Bible is written and enclosed in this Bible now in the hands of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rich.

Parents Record

W. H. McAninch was born November 12, 1825.  Married on the first day of November, 1849
Louisa Jane Nelson who was born April 5, 1831.

Gizzel A______ Nelson, was born October 8, 1805.


Rachel L. McAnineh born 28th September 1850.

R. L. Mc______ (poorly written) September 11, 1859.

Alexander Marshall Rich was born January 5, 1859.

Jacob Rich, Jr. was born December 1st, 1859.

His twin sister not named died at the age of 6 days (something not clear) 1859.

Joseph Rich was born on the 8th day of September 1861.

Robert A. Rich was born on the 28th day of January, 1863.

John Rich was born on the 15th day of October, 1864.

William Thomas Rich was born February 14, 1866.

M. H. Rich and Louisa J. McAninch was married on the 29th day of August A. D. 1859 (may be 1857).


__________ (not readable) McAninch deceased this life December 21, 1850.

Sara Nelson departed this life July 31, A. D. 1857.

Marshall Hoel Rich, borned April 7th, 1823 and departed this life March 10, 1877.

T. J. Rich departed this life April 26, 1894.

First page last line — Mollie Ruth Rich was born November 2nd, 19(347)

Clinton H. Rich departed this life April 14, 1934.

John Presley, great grandfather of A. B. Presley, married Eleanor Sandifer, daughter of Abraham Sandifer, a Revolution soldier.  Five of their sons were soldiers of the Confederacy as follows:  William, John S., Richard, Ira and James.


Cemetery and Bible Records of Quitman County, Mississippi, 1945-1951, James Gilliam Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

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