Bible Records of Family of J. F. McCullers and Sydney Montroy McCullers

(McCullers Family Bible now in possession of Mrs. R. M. D’Orr, Marks, Mississippi)

J. F. McCullers and Sydney Montroy were married Tuesday, December 18, 1894.  Rev. J. B. Watts officiating.

Sydney Montroy McCullers died April 9, 1918.

J. F. McCullers died December 3, 1925.

John Frances McCullers died April 9, 1918. (girl)

Beatrice McCullers and Rufus Mabry D’Orr married December 8, 1918.

Sylvia Elizabeth D’Orr born February 27, 1922.

Sydney McCullers married Leland Hume October.

Leland Hume, III born August 20, 1924.

Mary Anna Hume born August 1, 1926.

Mary Ann Hume died December 25, 1930.

Patricia Hume born May 3, 1937.


Louise Montroy and H. L. Campbell were married June 10, 1896.

Alice Montroy and R. J. Howard were married FebLruary 25, 1897.

Mattie Montroy and Jordan Tomlinson married January 10, 1899.

Lilla Montroy and Walter Allen married December 25, 1901.


N. E. Montroy, wife of J. B. Montroy died November 1, 1877.

J. B. Montroy died Sunday, June 10, 1894.

Allie Leone Howard, daughter of R. J. and Alice L. Howard died December 6, 1898.

Alice M. Howard, wife of R. J. Howard died at Dawson Springs, Kentucky, March 8 (copied from clipping in Bible which does not give date of year.) Sister of J. Edger Montroy buried, Montroy burial grounds.

Frank M. Montroy died September 28, 1886.

Mrs. Elizabeth Montroy died November 1, 1877 (left 3 children).

Mrs. Margaret M. Dorris, wife of W. D. Dorris died January 11, 1880. (Left husband and 7 children.)

W. D. Dorris died November 21, 1883.

Mrs. Sara Bunch died August 1885.


J. B. Montroy born March 1, 1827.

H. C. Montroy born March 4, 1842.

Cathern Montroy born February 4, 1833.

George Washington and Andrew Jackson Montroy, February 24, 1831.

Ruth Montroy, daughter of J. B. and N. E. Montroy, November 8, 1872.

Mary Montroy, daughter of H. C. and A. L. Montroy, April 2, 1876.

Ardah Adare Desmond, daughter of J. W. and E. R. Desmond, was born April 4, 1887.

Sara Cathern Elizabeth Bunch, daughter of G. C. and Sarah Bunch, August 23, 1885.

Henry Andrew Montroy, February 29, 1871.

Martha E. Dorris, daughter of J. W. Dorris and M. M. Dorris, February 22, 1857.

Mary Henderson Dorris, daughter of W. D. and M. M. Dorris, September 26, 1871.


Cemetery and Bible Records of Quitman County, Mississippi, 1945-1951, James Gilliam Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

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