Solomon Benson, Vance Colored School

Frank M. Bizzell, principal at Lambert


Richard Cofer, Falcon Colored School

Phil Coleman, Elliot Colored School


William Fair, Crofford Colored School


D. M. Gates, Posey Mound Colored School


C. M. Hailey, Crowder High School

Jessie Edison Hill, Jennings Negro School

Jessie Edison Hill, Lambert Colored School


C. H. Lewis, principal of Belen Consolidated School


Madison Shannon Palmer, principal of Marks Industrial High School beginning in 1950.  Later the schools consolidated (1960) and he became the first principal of Quitman County Industrial High School.  Later the name was changed to Quitman County High School.  In 1998 the name was changed to Madison Shannon Palmer High School.


Sam Tate, Marks Colored School

Waddell Thompson, Woodland Colored School

Thompson Noland Touchstone, Sr., Marks High School
Mr. Touchstone was known as TNT because he ruled the school with an iron hand and used a leather belt on some of the big guys.  He was also Superintendent of Quitman County Schools.  He was elected to head of schools in Mississippi and moved to Jackson, Mississippi.  He and his wife, Hattie, had two sons, Thompson Nolan Touchstone, Jr. and William Cox Touchstone.  They were both killed in a plane crash while hunting in Alaska. (From the memories of Jim Turner.)


Horace L. Williams, Principal of Falcon Junior High School

Photo Provided By Douglas P Perkins (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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