The Tate County Democrat, Thursday, May 27, 1954

Hwy 51 in Senatobia, MS

History of Senatobia —

The Lutheran Church was established in Senatobia in 1949. The Old Christian Church, which had not been used in many years, was completely renovated and remodeled. The old church was bought by the Lutherans for $1,500 and rebuilt for $3,000 with the Latvians working themselves for no payment other than for the establishment of a place of worship.

The Parish House was bought from Mrs. W. P. Perkins. It is used for Sunday School also. The Parish House is located on Ward Street across from the courthouse and will be known to many as the McCormick residence. Rev. Paul Kirsons was minister for several years but recently to be succeeded by Dean K. A. Birznieks. This congregation is made up of the Latvians in this section of Mississippi who arrived in the United States as displaced persons in 1945. They have taken their places in the life of Senatobia in a most admirable manner and have made good citizens. Many have received their first citizenship papers, while a number of the young men and one young woman volunteered for service in the United States Armed Forces and served during World War II and the Korean War. These young men and women have their full citizenship papers. The Latvians were brought to this section by Col. A. T. Callicott and were assigned to their various sponsors. Some of the more skilled workers moved to the larger cities but a number remained, working on farms, at stores and at trades.

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