Pascagoula Chronicle-Star and Moss Point Advertiser, Page 6, Section 1, Friday, August 5, 1949

Ingalls Shipbuilding

SYDNEY, — (AP) — One hundred thousand displaced persons will move from Europe to Australia in the next 18 months.

They will come here under two year contracts to the Australia government to take jobs the government directs. After that they will be free to select their own employment.

The Australian government has issued a booklet to prospective employers of this migrant labor. They will be placed only where they can be accommodated. They can live in hotels and boarding houses in Sydney, Newcastle and Port Kembla if their work helps to provide more houses. They can be housed elsewhere if they do not displace a member of the Australian public.

Employers who can provide living room for an entire family of migrants will get first priority on their labor. Domestics may be assigned to doctors or to families where there are two or more children.

Displaced men work in the production of iron, bricks, tiles, cement, building materials, food processing, and rural work.

They are paid ruling rates for Australians.

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Photo provided by JOHN BOUVIA, USN (RET), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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