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In 1946, President Harry S. Truman ordered that immigration preference with regards to restrictive quotas be given to displaced persons from World War II. The 1948 Displaced Persons Act authorized the admission of certain European displaced persons into the United States for permanent residence. Individuals and families helped by this act included victims of persecution by the German Nazi government or those who fled persecution and could not return to their country because of fear of persecution due to religion, race, or political opinions. Applicable locations were Germany, Austria, Italy, or Czechoslovakia. By 1952 when the Displaced Persons Commission oversight concluded, over 80,000 Jews had immigrated to the United States.

This subseries consists of one box of files maintained by Senator James O. Eastland’s office on the placement of displaced person in Mississippi. Files are arranged alphabetically by the name of the immigration sponsors, most of whom were farm and plantation owners (occasionally a manufacturer) in North Mississippi and the Mississippi Delta who sought replacement labor for the African American labor force that had moved out of the state during and after World War II. Folder descriptions also include the location of the sponsor as well as dates for the content. The time period covered ranges from 1948 to 1950.

This subseries preserves the original filing system adopted by Senator Eastland’s staff. However, it is possible that similar displaced person files appear in the Case Files and Immigration Case Files subseries. The following subseries contain additional material on the subject of displaced persons: Federal Correspondence; Congressional Correspondence; Photographs, Negatives, & Slides; Clippings; Floor Speeches; and Bills.

Folder 1-1: Anderson, W. K. Clarksdale, MS. 1950.
Folder 1-2: Baldwin, L. O. Crystal Springs, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-3: Barksdale, L. J. Marks, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-4: Bartlett, Donald. Como, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-5: Black, Cecil. Indianola, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-6: Brumfield, Frank T. Inverness, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-7: Burris, James O. Shelby, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-8: Burson, J. E. Calhoun City, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-9: Busby, Cal. Pace, MS. 1950.
Folder 1-10: Butler, William R. Alligator, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-11: Callicott, A. J. Location Unknown. 1949.
Folder 1-12: Callicott, C. M. Alligator, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-13: Cole, J. P. Highlandale, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-14: Dean, Joseph E. Holly Springs, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-15: Dilworth, Max L. Shelby, MS. 1948.
Folder 1-16: Doks, Fridrichs. Indianola, MS. 1950.
Folder 1-17: Dossett, W. Dixon. Beulah, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-18 Falls, Jerry. Webb, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-19: Garrard, W. M. Jr. Indianola, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-20: Graber, James P. Marks, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-21: Graham, Clyde. Coahoma, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-22: Ham, Mark N. Clarksdale, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-23: Harden, George W. Clarksdale, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-241: Henderson, J. W. Clarksdale, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-25: Henderson, Van C. Alligator, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-26: Henderson, W. K. Clarksdale, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-27: Hobbs, Allen. Greenwood, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-28: Johnson, Hal. Dundee, MS. 1959.
Folder 1-29: Johnson, Oscar. Scott, MS. 1949 – 1950.
Folder 1-30: Knowlton, Maury. Scott, MS. 1949 – 1950.
Folder 1-31: Kyle, S. H. Clarksdale, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-32: Laney, Tom. Marks, MS. 1949 – 1950.
Folder 1-33: McKee, John B. Friars Point, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-34: Maddox, J. H. Gunnison, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-35: Mazurek, Jan. Perthshire, MS. 1950.
Folder 1-36: Nowell, Jack. Cleveland, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-37: Ratliff, George R. Sherard, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-38: Smith, Norwood. Rosedale, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-39: Speaks, Sam. Benoit, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-40: Walton, E. M. Beulah, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-41: Webber, J. O. Indianola, MS. 1949 – 1950.
Folder 1-42: Williams, R. X. Oxford, MS. 1949.
Folder 1-43: Yandell, W. M. Vance, MS. 1949 – 1950.
Folder 1-44: Correspondence. 1949

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Leigh McWhite, Ph.D.
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