“The office and entire plant of the ‘Marks Review’ was destroyed by fire early Tuesday morning, July 4, 1916, the building having about fallen in when found.  Origin of blaze unknown.  Arrangements have been made by the Western Newspaper Union at Memphis for printing until another plant can be secured. This is the second time that this office has suffered damage by fire, but we still intend to run.”

Marks Review, July 4, 1916



“Fire originating in the Star Theatre early Saturday night, destroyed the Star Theatre, the Abernathy Building, and damaged the Savoy Hotel, completely putting it out of business, for the present, at least.

“The blaze was caused by an overheated stove in the picture show, which was a frame building.  It rapidly spread to the Abernathy building, which was an apartment house owned by Dr. J. U. Abernathy, leveling it at a loss of $3500.  The flames quickly spread to the Savoy Hotel, a three-story frame building, and partly destroyed it at a loss of $3000.

“The Theatre building was owned by R. W. Brown, and their loss was estimated at $4000.  No insurance was held on either building.

“Robert Frazier, deputy sheriff, was stricken with a heart attack while fighting the blaze and was carried to the Marks Hospital, where his condition is said to be critical.

Quitman County Democrat, 1928

Year Unknown

Fire at Judge Stone’s office in Lambert

The fire at Lambert which destroyed so much property caused Judge Stone to lose a very fine library, but this loss, like that of others, is being rapidly replaced.  The spirit of the people of Lambert was only strengthened by the temporary misfortune from which they so rapidly and so gamely recovered.

From:  WPA History


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