The Early History of Sledge

The town of Sledge was named in 1900 when the Y. and M. V. R. R. came thru.  The railroad office said that whoever gave the land for the depot, the town would be named for him.  W. D. Sledge (W. S. Taylor‘s grandfather) then owned all the land around there, so it was natural that he should give the site for the depot.  When the engineer came through, Mr. Claude McGee met them here and the first map of Sledge was drawn by them.  It was drawn on a large stump near the tracks.  Some of the first stores were owned by Steve Butler of Como, Miss.

Sledge has grown quite a bit since 1900.  It now has a modern school system with a modern gymnasium built in 1940, with government help.  It has a home for the superintendent, and a well equipped accredited high school.

There are two modern brick churches, and two gin companies.  It has one mile of hard surface road thru the town.  The town has about a dozen brick stores.  It also boasts of a good water system and sewerage system.  The Miss. Power and Light Co. furnishes electricity for the town.  The Miss. Telephone Co. established in 1942 afforded modern communication for the progressive citizens of this small city.

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Photo Provided By yuval Segal Pikiwiki Israel [CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

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