Grow With Crowder

Crowder Post Office


The Industrial Center of Quitman, Tallahatchie and Panola Counties

A New Town, Admirably Situated and Growing Fast.  Since its Incorporation  in 1917 Three Subdivisions Have Been Opened.

Crowder is a busy town and a prosperous one because it is a natural industrial center in addition to being in the heart of a wonderfully fertile agricultural country.  It is on the Batesville Southwestern R. R., 17 miles from Batesville and 13 miles from Charleston, to which latter point the railroad will be extended in the near future.  It is 10 miles from Lambert and 14 miles from Marks, with good roads in all directions.

Five Big Plants and Other Operations Employ 450 Men With Weekly Payroll of $10,000.

Chickasaw Cooperage Co. makes tight oak barrels and employs 60 men; Yocona Cooperage Co. uses 40 men in the manufacture of stack barrel cooperagecooperage_wood_to_make_wine_barrels

Crowder Hickory Co. produces dimension hickory with 50 men; R. J. Darnell, Inc., in their hardwood lumber plant and logging operations use 150 hands.  Right near Crowder, Louisville Lumber Co. and H. D. Glass Lumber Co. employ a total of 150 men.  There is always plenty of work at Crowder for the skilled and unskilled, at good wages.

Eight General Stores, Two Drug Stores, Three Doctors, Barber Shop, Meat Shop, Pool Room, Etc.

Besides this there are churches, white and colored, and a good school.  Our stores are up-to-date and carry better stocks than are usually found in small towns.

We Have Good Roads and Bridges

The good road to Marks crosses a $60,000 concrete bridge.  Road being built to Batesville crosses a fine 150 foot cantilever bridge, already finished.  Such things are done right in our neighborhood.  We are building for the future.

Growing Fast–Good Citizens–More Are Invited

Good citizens, good homes, good schools, good water, good business and first class farming lands are the attractions.  We’re growing solidly–there’s no boom, and never has been.  People come, we like them, they like us, they stay.

Let Us Tell You More About Crowder

Everybody is busy at Crowder, but not too busy to invite and welcome new citizens.  So if you are interested write Estate of R. J. Darnell, Memphis, Tennessee, or F. M. Darnell, at Crowder, Mississippi.

40 to 80 Acre Farms Near Crowder
Offered to Settlers on Unusually Easy and Attractive Terms

Not less than forty, not more than eighty acres to any one person–with the object of developing the neighborhood as fast as possible.  To those who will come and live on the place terms are made to suit the purchaser.  Think of it.

Raise Anything.  This Land is as Fertile as Any in the World.

With good roads and a railroad, what the farmer produces is sold almost at his door.  Besides this, Memphis, Tennessee, is less than 80 miles away, and Memphis buys everything.

Any Man Who Can Make a Living Elsewhere Can Make His Fortune Here.

Let him come with the ambition to succeed and he will.  These cut-over lands are easily and cheaply cleared, the soil is so rich that crop failures are unknown.  He will have good neighbors and grow wealthy as Crowder grows.


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