Falcon Water Tower

Falcon was named at the same time the other towns up and down the railroad were named–1900.  Some seem to think that Mr. W.B. Crain gave the land for the depot.  Instead of naming the town for him, it was named for all the white crains that lived in a bayou nearby.  Falcon was a wilderness then and in the clearing of the ground it soon boasted of a two story hotel and bath–something almost unheard of in this part of the state at that time.  Soon a few stores were erected, also a school.                                                         Falcon Police & Post Office

Mr. George Fithian of Illinois, bought from Mr. Crain 10,000 acres of cut over land with the idea of selling it to African-American farmers.  R.F. Sledge [Ruffin Fanning Sledge 1865-1940] and V.A. Weir [Volney Augustus Weir, Jr. 1878-1955] bought the northern part and during the depression both firms lost their farming interest and the town was gradually taken over by the African-American people.  The post office and Sledge Gin Company are still operated by white people.

Cemetery and Bible records of Quitman County, Mississippi, page 57, 1945-1951, James Gilliam Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

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