Early History of Birdie, Mississippi

In 1843 the section of land now called Birdie was approved to the State of Mississippi by the Commissioner of general land officers of the Federal Government.  According to tradition a man named Coe owned this property during the Civil War.  Ousted by General Grant’s Army, Coe was forced to move from this section.

Some of the earliest settlers after the Civil War were Park, McCloud, Byrd, Steadman, and Gleeson who came to the state from Ohio.  McCloud, Parks and Gleeson bought from the state land formally owned by Coe.  McCloud and Park sold their interest to Gleeson and moved away.

Relatives of Byrd’s, the Jenkins, and J.G. Teague soon moved to the settlement, which was then a part of Tunica county.


In 1877 Quitman County was formed from Coahoma, Panola, and Tunica Counties.  J.G. Teague served as the first supervisor of Beat 1.  J.T. Gleeson [John T. Gleeson] operated Gleeson’s Ferry across Coldwater River.  In 1882 on the  property of N.C. Teague the first school was organized with Miss Hartley as teacher.

In 1882-1883 other families moved to the community:  Jasper Hayes Huffstadler and John I. Hardy [John Ira Hardy 1861-1957].  In 1887-1888 W.T. Dickerson came.  He built a sawmill and sawed lumber to build the first store.  In 1889 W.W. Steadman brought his family here to live.

The first post office was established in 1898 with W.T. Dickerson as postmaster.  When this post office was established, Mr. Dickerson wished to name it D’Mill.  D for Dickerson and M for sawmill, but the government objected.  Then Mr. Dickerson submitted the name “Birdie” for his daughter, Birdie, and it was accepted.

Other early settlers were Tom Gregory [Aaron Thomas Gregory 1871-1937], P.C. Cooper [Pinkney Clark Cooper 1870-1922], Jim Wadley, Alex Hardy, George Harper, Will Barlow, M.P. Porter, John McGraw, and John Queen.

greenfadeCemetery and Bible Records of Quitman County, Mississippi, page 55, 1945-1951, James Gilliam Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution

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