Population 1930

Total Males in 1930                                                    13,104
Total Females in 1930                                                12,200
Total Population of Quitman County in 1930       25,304


Total Males Whites in 1930                               4,155
Total Female Whites in 1930                             3,770
Total Whites in Quitman County in 1930       7,925


Total Native Born White Males in 1930                  4,147
Total Foreign Born White Females in 1930            3,768
Total Native Born Whites in Quitman County       7,915


Total Foreign Born White Males in 1930                  8
Total Foregn Born White Females in 1930               2
Total Foreign Born Whites in Quitman County     10


Total Negro Males in 1930                    8,924
Total Negro Females in 1930                8,422
Total Negros in Quitman County       17,346


Works Progress Administration for Mississippi, Source Material for Mississippi History, Quitman County, Vol. LX, Compiled by State-Wide Historical Research Project, Susie V. Powell, State Supervisor, Illustrated 1936-1938, Addenda

Photo Provided By US Census (1880 US Census) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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