1955 Compiled Census

A revised census compiled by L. V. Henson, Quitman County Agent, gives the following information about Quitman County for the year 1955:

395 square miles in Quitman County

254,193 acres in Quitman County

240,000 taxable acres

174,265.5 cultivated acres, crop land

64,841 acres to cotton–82,000 bales

15,000 acres to pasture

18,500 acres to small grain–average yield per acre, 20 bushels,–370,000 bushels

35,000 acres–soybeans for oil–700,000 bushels

10,000 acres to corn–250,000 bushels

10,000 acres to truck and gardens

10,000 acres to hay and forage crops

5,000 acres to seed patches and cover crops

1,400 acres to rice–75 bushels per acre yield

25,885 population:

10,183 whites
15,702 non-whites

4,700 children of all races now attending school

18 regular organized Protestant churches in county, no Catholic:

10 Baptist
5 Methodist
2 Presbyterian
1 Christian

Works Progress Administration for Mississippi, Source Material for Mississippi History, Quitman County, Vol. LX, Compiled by State-Wide Historical Research Project, Susie V. Powell, State Supervisor, Illustrated 1936-1938, Addenda

Photo Provided By US Census (1880 US Census) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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